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Remember when Atlanta was the hottest turnkey market? Well, you can still invest there! Atlanta is currently the 4th fastest-growing metro area in the nation, adding more than 75,000 residents per year, according to the latest U.S. Census report. Also, the Atlanta Regional Commission projects that, over the next 30 years, Atlanta will create an additional 1.2 million jobs and attract another 2.9 million residents. Atlanta has also averaged over 9% annual home price appreciation over the last 5 years.

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About the Properties:

These are slightly different than normal turnkeys! You still get a cash-flowing, performing asset with tenants and property management in place. However, all of these properties were formerly sold as turnkeys, and now the individual sellers are ready to sell (for a variety of reasons).

  • Some of the properties have been more recently rehabbed, some have not.

  • They’ve all been under the same property management since they were turnkeys, so the condition of all properties has been well-maintained and consistently inspected and looked after.

  • You will be purchasing from the individual seller, but with guidance and support from the original turnkey provider.

Why buy these?

  • Many of the properties are in B+ to A neighborhoods! Some of the nicest of all the markets.

  • More appreciation potential than a lot of markets

  • ~6% cap rates, which is great for nicer homes and neighborhoods!

  • Properties are in primarily owner-occupied suburban neighborhoods

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FYI, the webinar is put on by a company we personally trust and have bought our own investments through.

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