What Do You Daydream About?Recently we sent this question to our Hipster subscribers:

If you were sitting in the sand staring out into the ocean
right now, what would you be thinking about?

We gathered their answers and have them here for you!

What do our fellow Hipster Investors daydream about?

I’ve finally arrived!! –Jim

Thank God they didn’t make a Jaws V. –Lance

This was my view, just a week ago, as I spent time in Costa Rica, taking a vacation from my W2 and rental business… I spent some time thinking about next steps for my business, my lifestyle, and my progress towards my goals in general. How am I doing, what actions do I need to take, etc. In short, what do I need to do to accelerate my exit from the rat race so that I can spend more time with my family and the things I really care about. -Garry

Diving in, I did it all summer long growing up, it would be great to go in everyday again. –James

Why isn’t there a fishing rod in my hands? –Howard

It’s Monday, a little overcast, but I’m at the beach! Would love to do this every Monday! –Stan

I’d be wondering if I should try surfing.. it looks terrifying but also really fun! Would I be any good? Probably not. But that’s okay. –Jamie

Winter at the beach, summer in the mountains? Yeah. That sounds right. –David

Well, I would almost certainly be reading a book. So when I stop to daydream it would probably be about being one of the characters I’m reading about. 🙂 –Emma

Do sand angels work well? *tries* No.  not really. I mean, if I get in just the right wet sand… *tries again* –Emily


Not gonna lie… I’d probably be asleep. –Sara 

Wooooooooowwww! What’s for dinner? –Victoria

This. Is The. Life. –Nick

As much as I know I’d be enjoying it, I’d be planning my next trip too! Venice? Costa Rica? Australia?? –Liz

I’d be thinking about how it probably couldn’t get much better than this. And seriously, thanks to Hipster Investments I get to “retire” sooooo early! Loving it. –Javier

And last… what would our Chief Hipster be thinking about?

I’ve made it. –Ali

Wow! Luckily she is great at the whole Lifestyle Design thing! Buying turnkeys and owning her own business means she has some fantastic passive income coming in. That means planning adventures like these come easily.

Are you ready to make your daydream a reality? Contact us now to find out how passive income can do just that!

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