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You Don’t Need To Be A Billionaire To Use This Method To Create Multiple Streams Of Passive Income

Discover The Little Known Technique Investors Like Warren Buffett
Use To Create A Steady, Reliable Stream Of Income...

  • Are you sick and tired of being at the beck and call of someone else?
  • Do you wish you had the freedom to do what you want to do, instead of being tied to your cubicle all day long?

If this sounds like you, then this is going to be one of the most important messages you’ve ever read.

My name is Ali. I used to be an aerospace engineer until I realized I was tired of helping someone else make a ton of money… while I sat in a cubicle watching life go by.

Now I help professionals gain the financial freedom they need to enjoy life and do what matters most to them.

What’s Holding You Back?

The funny thing is, the reason most people are unable to live this kind of lifestyle isn’t because they don’t have enough time or money.

I’ll tell you why in a minute...

But first, I have three very important questions for you.

  • Are you fed up with not being able to see friends and family on the weekends?
  • Have you tried to create the perfect “work/life” balance only to fail time and time again?
  • Do you enjoy your paycheck, but feel like it doesn’t matter since you don’t have any time to enjoy the money?

Research Reveals 87% Of People Are Unhappy With Their Jobs

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then take heart... you’re not alone.

In fact, research shows that 87% of people are unhappy with their jobs.

These are the exact problems I had working at a well-known corporation for several years, and 99% of my clients feel the same way.

The good news is that I’ve discovered a way to create a stream of income that allows you to live the life you want to live before you retire…

And without adding extra hours to your already full work day.

Instead You Could...

As soon as you put this proven method into place, you’ll be able to create an awesome lifestyle that makes you look forward to getting up in the mornings again.

Things like…

  • Paying off old debt
    This is one of the easiest ways to raise your standard of living... and you won’t have to dip into your saving to do it!
  • Treating your loved ones to something special
    You’ll finally be able to do something special for your loved ones... without feeling guilty.
  • Stop worrying about losing your job
    Not only will you have a handy cushion in case things head south, but an extra cushion of money will help you stay confident when you decide to ask for that raise.

It may seem hard to believe, but you can start what I like to call “outsourcing your bills” within just one month.

The Secret To Real Estate Investment According To
Warren Buffett

This proven method has not only helped thousands of ordinary Americans break free from the pressures and responsibilities of a 40 hour week...

But it’s also the same method that Warren Buffett… one of the world’s richest men... uses to add a significant amount of steady income to his portfolio.

He even calls this method “as attractive an investment as you can make."

And now you too can learn step-by-step how to get started...

... even if you have no experience, don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest... you don’t have to even be in the same city in order to get things rolling!

As Warren Buffett puts it, the secret is investing in cash-flowing properties with a proven history of success.

You Don’t Need To Be A Real Estate Expert To Get
Great Returns

Take myself for example...

I started my career as an aeronautical engineer in a well-known mega-corporation.

I loved my job… but I didn’t love the crazy hours, being tied to a cubicle, or not being able to do any of the fun things life presented me.

I felt like I was slowly drowning from the pressures, demands and responsibilities that were someone else’s problem… so I decided to make a radical change…

...and left the corporate world to pursue my own dreams.

Ever since then I’ve not only been able to live life on my own terms, but I’ve also been helping others achieve their goals of financial freedom and live the life they’ve always dreamed of living.

With all of my years of experience, one thing has become absolutely clear.

Real Estate Is The Key To
Financial Freedom

Real estate has long been recognized as one of the best ways to increase your income.

But there is a misconception that you need to be an expert who’s willing to work hard to find good deals and get great returns on your investment.

Now, don’t get me wrong… a lot of people are willing to roll up their sleeves and invest a ton of time and energy into finding just the right investment (flipping, wholesaling, etc).

And they can be very successful at it.

But that isn’t the only way for you to make money in real estate...

Just Pick Up Your Check
Each Month

The key to being hands-off with your real estate investments - and still make money - is to outsource all the work to a trustworthy, reliable party...

...and turnkey properties are the perfect way to do that.

Just to be clear, I’m not promising you’ll be rich overnight.

But it doesn’t matter whether your present income is large or just average.

You can get started with turnkey rental properties with as little as $20,000.

This Could Be You

Buy one property and you can cover the cost of your groceries.

Buy another one and you can take care of your housing and car payments.

Each additional turnkey rental property brings you closer and closer to financial freedom.

Instead of being stuck working extra hours at the office or wishing you could take an extra week or so of vacation...

...you’ll be free to do what’s best for you, not your boss.

Get My Step-By-Step Blueprint That Shows You Exactly How To Get Started Buying Your Own Turnkey Properties

Here’s the deal.

I recently sat down in my office (okay, I was at the beach) and wrote every step, trick and technique I’ve ever used to find proven, high-performing properties that require absolutely no management.

The reason I did this is because I’ve committed myself to helping as many people as possible escape cubicle hell and live passionate, fulfilling lives...

...without having to wait to quit their jobs first.

My book, Turnkey Properties 101, is the simplest and easiest way for those new to investing to get started.

Here’s What You’ll Get

Here’s a quick preview of just some of the valuable information you’ll discover...

  • The “secret weapon” you can use to instantly find the best performing markets for buying turnkey properties
  • Exactly which markets to focus on if you want to maximize appreciation
  • The real key to “hands-off” real estate and why it’s critical to set your turnkey property up to work for you
  • WARNING: Avoid buying turnkey properties from this popular source like the plague (mess this up and you could end up paying WAY more than you should for a property)
  • What to do after your offer for a property is accepted PLUS newbie-proof, step-by-step instructions to make sure everything goes off without a hitch

...and much more.

You Won’t Believe How Simple It Really Is

Maybe it seems too easy…

But the truth is, these are the exact same steps I share with my clients in order to help them find successful turnkey properties.... so they’re proven to work.

In fact, these are the same steps I take when I’m ready to purchase another turnkey property.

It’s amazing how great you feel once you make that first purchase and you feel the relief of knowing one chunk of your expenses is taken care of.

Will This Work If I Don’t Have Any Real Estate Investing Experience?

I wanted to make sure anyone can use this book to get started in turnkey investments.

That’s why I made sure to use only methods that worked for me or my clients.

So you know you’re getting a blueprint that really works.

I’ve also written it in clear, simple language that makes it easy for you to take what you learn and start investing in turnkey properties right away.

Plus, if you ever have any questions, you can reach out to me and my team at Hipster Investments, and we’ll be happy to help.

Investing in turnkey properties is a great option even if you don’t have any experience with real estate investing. It’s the easiest, management-free way to get started on the road to “freedom day.”

Want proof?

Hear What Others Have To Say

Ali & Team Are Very Knowledgeable And Highly Regarded In Real Estate Investing

“Hipster Investments has been instrumental in purchasing my very first investment property.

They helped me navigate through the whole process from deal analysis to closing by providing me tools and timely advise.

Ali and team are very knowledgeable and highly regarded in real estate investing. I absolutely recommend checking them out especially if you’re looking for turnkey real estate!”
- Lawrence P., Tustin, CA

She Is The Best Secret Weapon To Have In Your Pocket!

“Ali is truly a gem and an incredible resource to have on all sides of REI.

She is so genuine with so much enthusiasm for helping people create the life they want through passive income, it’s infectious!

As a first time investor, Ali empowered me with her knowledge and experience and was so giving with everything she has learned herself. Ali is truly on your side and has your back in any situation.

She is the best secret weapon to have in your pocket! On top of all of that, she is incredibly approachable and super fun to work with. Ali is a total rock star!”
- Shannon Bae, Los Angeles, CA

I Was Able To Close On My First Property Within Months

“Hipster Investments has helped me through my first real estate deal, and made the journey much smoother. They are such a friendly and responsive team, and the guidance they have provided me with has been precious.

I was able to close on my first property within months of working with Hipster, and more importantly, I was able to feel confident about my progress because of the knowledge and experiences they have shared with me.

By working with the team, I learned more about real estate investing, and achieved my first real estate goal. I have nothing but positive experiences with Hipster Investments and Ali, and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”
- Kenton C., New York, N.Y.

Never Imagined That I Would Be Able To Have An Investment Property

“Ali rocks! She is one in a million!

I had zero experience, connection, or education regarding real estate, never imagined that I would be able to have an investment property, but… I do now!

Besides the fact that she introduced me to the great opportunity, during the process, there were always little things that popped up unexpected, but these were always put right straight away by my special guardian angel named Ali Boone.

Not only did Ali help and educate me, but she was always, always there for me every step of the way. She is very personable, honest, trustworthy and super funny, and her respond time was crazy quick, I always feel like I was supported and not on my own.

I would not have been able to do it without her. Thank you Ali.”
- Miho Hirozawa, Gardena, CA


I Sincerely Want Everyone To Have The Chance to Escape The Rat Race And Gain Financial Freedom

Now that you’ve seen the proof that this system works, you’re probably wondering what exactly you’ll learn.

Here’s a quick preview of just some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Four key traits of high-risk markets (I’ll also share with you the key factor to take into account when deciding whether or not these markets are for you)
  • How to sneak into a popular marketplace and grab great properties (and don’t worry if you’re just a little guy - this method ensures you have as much bargaining power as the big investor groups)
  • 5 crucial factors to check out before you buy ANY turnkey property
  • Why certain states are better for investing in turnkey properties than others
  • A simple piece of software you can use to quickly and easily calculate the expected returns on a particular rental property… in just a few short minutes

...and much, MUCH MORE.

Plus You’re Not On Your Own...

You’ll receive an instantly downloadable e-book, available in both pdf and mobi format, so you’ll be able to get started right away.

However, because it’s a personal goal of mine to make sure every person who wants to create financial freedom should have the chance to do so, I’m also including free email consultation with the team here at Hipster Investments.

For a limited time, anyone who buys Turnkey Properties 101 will be able to email any questions, concerns or just share how excited you are to be buying your first turnkey property.

It’s my way of saying “thank you” for allowing me to help you achieve your goal of financial freedom.

Here’s How To Get Started Creating A Safe, Stable Monthly Income That’s 100% Passive

So now you’ve discovered that passive income is the best way to achieve financial freedom.

And that hands free turnkey properties are the easiest way to do that.

Plus, because you’ve also seen how ordinary people like you were able to successfully create a stream of passive income almost immediately, you’re probably wondering what you need to do to get started…

How Much Is This Deal?

As I’ve mentioned, I want anyone who wants to start taking control of their lives and start living the life they want to live, to have access to this ebook.

I’m offering this comprehensive resource for just $29.99.

Essentially you’re getting the years of my experience in one easy-to-understand, practical guide that you can start using right away.

Look at it this way.

How much is having an additional stream of income worth to you?

If you were able to pay off your mortgage, or pay for your groceries, or your kids’ schooling with that extra money for the cost of few lattes... wouldn’t it be worth it?

My Unconditional, Risk-Free,
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

I’m so confident that you’ll find the information contained in this book useful that I’m offering you a no-questions asked, 30 day risk-free guarantee.

But this is more than a guarantee.

This is my personal promise to you that if this book doesn’t help you understand the awesomeness of adding passive income to your bottom line each month…

If it doesn’t show you how to find a great turnkey property that fits your financial goals…

If it doesn’t make achieving financial freedom easier than you ever dreamed possible....

Then I don’t want your money… I’ll give it all back.

But You Must Act Now

So don’t wait a second longer....

As long as you’re seriously committed to changing your life for the better and investing a small amount of time and money to improve your future, this WILL work.

You will be able to start chipping away at the pressures and responsibilities that are preventing you living the life you deserve to live.

But whatever you do, don’t delay!

Every day you spend without this book takes you one step away from your goal of being free of the every day 9-to-5.

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To your success,

Ali Boone
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P.S. I’m going to be blunt here.

If you pass on this offer, will you have a cash flow producing property that pays off a chunk of your bills by next month?

Probably not.

You’ll still wish you had one, but as my dad used to say, “wishes won’t wash dishes”...

Or pay your mortgage, or send your family on that special vacation you’ve all been wanting to go on...

But remember, if for some reason you don’t find Turnkey Properties 101 helpful, you can return it for a 100% full refund.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Click the yellow “add to cart” button below to get started creating your own stream of passive income.

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Normally $34.99... Today $14.99 (Save 58%)