8 Steps to Survive Real Estate Investing’s Inevitable Challenges

There is literally only one reason real estate investors succeed. Get your notebook out, get a fat magic marker out, and write this one word down on a sheet of paper that you can post somewhere and see it everywhere you go. Or set a reminder on your phone for daily reminders of this one word. Ready for it? Perseverance. That’s right. That’s all you need to know ...

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The 3 Most Important Due Diligence Items When Buying Turnkey Rental

Having been around turnkeys for quite a few years now — and being a buyer/owner of them myself — I believe I have established in my head a list of the problems I tend to see on repeat coming out of turnkey ownership. Remember that owning a turnkey rental property is no different than owning any other rental property, but the turnkey model does tend to tempt people to slack in ...

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The 5-Point Rental Property Shopper’s Checklist

You’ve done your research, you’re ready to become a real estate investor, you’ve decided rental properties are the way you want to go, and now it’s time to buy one. But what are you looking for when you shop for your dream investment property? Maybe you know, maybe you kinda sorta know, or maybe you are clueless. Either way, I have you covered. Here is a ...

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The Truth About Turnkey Providers No One Tells You

If you are thinking of buying a turnkey rental property or are in the process of buying one, there is something about turnkey providers that you need to understand. Knowing this will only make your turnkey buying process smoother, not just for you but for the turnkey seller as well. When everyone is getting along, it can make the process all that much more enjoyable. But you may not like ...

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Do the Markups on Turnkey Properties Kill the Deal?

Absolutely not! Are you crazy? Ok, wait, that was a little rash. It’s kind of hard to yell about something without at least offering a justification for the statement. So I’m going to offer you an analysis on turnkey prices so you can understand what is really behind the prices of these properties. The two biggest objections I hear to buying turnkey rental properties are: The margin between ...

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One Secret Advantage to Turnkey Real Estate You Don’t Know About

Turnkey? What in the world is that? It’s a method of buying an investment property. Most people who buy turnkeys buy them because they live in an area where it doesn’t make sense to invest, so they have to be long-distance owners. Or, they have full-time jobs and/or families and are limited on how much time they can spend on an investment property. Turnkey means (usually) that ...

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A Personal Rant: I Can’t Stand Working with Contractors!

Yep, I said it. I absolutely, in no way, enjoy working with contractors who do work on my house! I understand that a lot of you do, and that is totally fine. I can see the appeal and where it could be fun to rehab or fix up a property that you’ve bought, but personally, I can’t stand it. A lot of real estate investing revolves around fixing ...

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