The Downside to Turnkey Rental Properties No One Tells You

If you’ve followed me at all on here, you know that I primarily deal with turnkey rental properties for my own investments. The reason I deal mostly with the turnkeys is because I prefer being as hands-off as possible with my investments. The “out of sight, out of mind” theory doesn’t intrigue me for many things in my life, but it does for my investments. I prefer to ...

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The One Piece of Advice That Changed the Course of My Real Estate Career

It’s the holidays again — don’t they seem to keep coming around fast? I hope everyone has had a chance to connect with their family members and friends this past week, and most importantly, I hope everyone has had a chance to relax! I know I have. I’d barely be able to do any work right now if I tried — it seems that no one is available for ...

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The Turnkey Investor’s Guide to Choosing a Profitable Real Estate Market

Shopping for turnkey rental properties? Trying to figure out where to buy one? Where do you even start? Well, the best place to start is with networking. Find out where other people are buying, find out who is having luck in which market and with which turnkey provider, and shop from there. But how do you know how to sift through all the information? Or better yet, how do you ...

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Why I Buy Turnkey Rental Properties and How I Know Where to Buy Them

This article was originally posted at in October 2012. See the original post here. Real estate investment markets, including for turnkeys, have changed, but you can check out our Latest Good Deal posts for where and what to buy today! So most of my investing lately has been in turkey rental properties. Some people discourage turnkeys because the purchase prices are seemingly higher than what they think you should ...

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Huge Announcements at Hipster!

Can you believe it's nearly February already? For us, January has flown by, and we have a lot of awesome new things going on this year! Check them out: Our first eBook! Turnkey Rental Properties 101 This is the FIRST EVER detailed explanation of how to buy Turnkey Real Estate! It's all right here in our new eBook: Turnkey Rental Properties 101. Seriously, if you are ready to invest in the absolute ...

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FYI, the webinar is put on by a company we personally trust and have bought our own investments through.

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