Cap Rate and Cash-on-Cash Return: A Definitive Guide

There are several means of determining the return on an investment property. You may hear the term “ROI” (or “ROR”), which means “Return on Investment” (or “Rate of Return”), which can be calculated in all sorts of ways. Unfortunately, a lot of people will determine this number based on whatever factors will yield the highest number, regardless of how accurate to real-life it might be. ROI is very general and ...

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The Truth About ROI (aka Your Rate of Return)

“82% ROI, come and get it!!” (yells through megaphone, waves flag…) Can you picture it? I can. Who wouldn’t want an 82% return on investment? You’d have to be out of your mind to say no to that. Well, then why do people say no? Because what a seller claims the rate of return (ROI) on a property to be may not be completely accurate. Two Reasons a Seller’s ...

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