Lease Options as a Tool to Rock Out Your Rental Properties

Money. We buy rental properties because we want money, right? I do at least. I don’t know what you buy them for. If I want money, what has to not happen in a rental property? Vacancy and repairs. Vacancy is avoided if you happen to get that lifelong tenant (of which I’ve yet to find). Repairs are unavoidable no matter what. It’s a house, it wears. So ...

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4 Life-Changing Lessons My Real Estate Mentor Taught Me

There is no question about it—everyone in this industry needs a mentor. I can truly say that if I didn’t have the mentor that I do, I wouldn’t have made it this far—if not just for his teachings, but for his moral support during my freak outs. I’d say the latter has been the most important, but all the while, there is no reason to ...

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Real Estate Investing is Just like Surfing

I feel obligated to write an article with reference to surfing since I have finally decided to take that leap and learn the sport. I mean, I do live in Venice Beach, so it would be a waste to not know how to, right? It’s almost sad how often I relate random situations to real estate investing. I can tell you exactly how working out and getting fit is ...

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6 Ways to Get Started in Real Estate While You Save Money to Invest

One of the biggest obstacles, if not the biggest, to getting started in real estate investing is lack of capital. The famous phrase “it takes money to make money” isn’t completely far off, but it doesn’t have to be the end-all either. There are certainly ways you can get started with investing while you are building capital, and in some cases, you may even be able to actually ...

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The Top 3 Mistakes New Turnkey Owners Make Once They Buy

Turnkey rental properties definitely offer an opportunity to own rental properties in a much more hands-off way than most are used to when it comes to real estate investing. With everything done for you — finding the right property, negotiating the property, rehabbing the property, and tenanting and managing the property — turnkeys have opened up the door for a huge number of people who wouldn’t have previously been equipped to ...

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8 Steps to Survive Real Estate Investing’s Inevitable Challenges

There is literally only one reason real estate investors succeed. Get your notebook out, get a fat magic marker out, and write this one word down on a sheet of paper that you can post somewhere and see it everywhere you go. Or set a reminder on your phone for daily reminders of this one word. Ready for it? Perseverance. That’s right. That’s all you need to know ...

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How to Be a Terrible Cash Flow Investor (7 Guidelines for Ultimate Failure!)

That’s right. Instructions on how to be a terrible cash flow investor are finally here. Make sure you follow all of these recommendations to ensure ultimate success! Once you have decided cash-flow investing is the way you want to go, follow these simple guidelines and you are certain to go broke in no time at all.* Are you ready? *Note: Do not follow these guidelines. Check out the rest ...

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