The 5-Point Real Estate Market Crash Survival Guide

I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about an impending market crash that is coming in the next couple of years. Consequently, I’ve heard a lot of people asking, “What impact will a crash have on me as an investor and/or what can I do in preparation for a crash?” I can only speak and educate in regard to rental properties because those are all I have ...

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6 Essential Considerations When Looking at Real Estate Statistics & Data

No doubt, statistics and data can play a huge role in what investments are likely to succeed and which ones have a higher chance of tanking. Both of these, statistics and data, can give a very good picture as to the potential future of an investment or an investment’s potential. However, I oftentimes hear people justifying a particular investment based solely off some quoted pile of statistics or computerized ...

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Real-Life Analysis of a Rental Property Market: Palmdale, CA

I’ve been talking a lot about markets lately, and oddly enough I was asked on three separate occasions just in the last week my opinion as to whether or not I thought Palmdale, CA would be a good place to invest in a rental property. So I thought, well, people are obviously wondering — so how about I just make a whole article out of it? I thought it would ...

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4 Reasons to LOVE Owning Real Property (Over Stocks, REITS & Notes)

How many times have you seen people ask whether it’s better to invest in real estate or stocks/mutual funds? What about investing in a REIT versus a rental property? What about notes versus rental properties? What about flipping a property versus owning a rental property? There is a category embedded in those debates that I want you to consider: real property. What is real property? When you hear ...

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