The Definitive Guide to Finding Investor-Friendly Lenders

Recently I wrote an article talking about finding investor-friendly real estate agents (actually, I was really questioning whether they even exist or not… see The Epic Guide to Finding an Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent). This week, I want to talk about lenders. Why? Because in the past month, I have seen a solid handful of deals tank, or nearly tank, solely because of the lender on the deal. Whether a ...

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Investing in Your Future

What does investing mean? First and foremost - it means planning for your future by making smart financial decisions now. When you put your money, or assets, into something you hope will pay off in the future - you are both expressing optimism and thinking about your lifestyle. You want the cash-flow and ease that comes along with a successful investment, right? It’s a good thing! Another definition of ...

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Real Estate Investment Is A Craft

With anything in life, there are a whole bunch of ways to approach something (but! - nothing one-size-fits-all). There are a lot of teachers out there in real estate development who will tell you there is one sure-fire way to get results as an investor. What they don't tell you is simple: there are a lot of approaches that will work. The thing is, and this is a big thing, ...

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Treasure. Don’t Juggle.

For this week's lifestyle design post, we're putting the focus on angles of approach. We talk about about angles of approach when it comes to real estate investing, so why not look at angles of approach for life? If you're reading this, you're probably something of an over-achiever or go-getter. You want to improve, refine, perfect. Hipster gets that - actually, we love that. Whether it's an adrenaline rush jumping ...

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All Systems Are Go! The Importance of Crafting Systems for Real Estate Investment

Everything has a system. Think about how many systems go into getting a space shuttle up and off the ground! Some businesses have clearly defined systems (think: sharp looking skyscrapers that jet up into the sky) while some businesses have more of a vernacular approach (think: old farmhouses with random additions here and there). In fact, everything we do or achieve in life happens by way of a system. Some ...

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Shop Smart When You Invest

Where do you shop? Why? Do you have favorite department stores, grocery stores and online stores? What makes them your go-to markets? Great markets offer convenience, value and quality. Look at the biggest retailers on the market, for examples. Nordstrom offers top notch quality and the convenience of top notch customer service; meanwhile, Walmart offers unbeatable values coupled with the convenience of being able to purchase everything from milk to ...

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Life: A Balance Beam

We're all trying to get up on that beam of life, aren't we? Some of us meet with more success than others. Some of us are Olympians, actually. Watching those skilled athletes effortlessly defy gravity is a sight to see. So - how about winning your own gold medal? Or at least a silver - interested? Yes? Good for you. The desire to strive and succeed is half the battle. ...

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Merry Thanksgiving, Happy Christmas, and Real Estate

It’s that famous holiday time! Most of you are probably still feeling stuffed of turkey and mac & cheese (although probably fewer people than in past years due to the ever-increasing numbers of vegetarians and vegans) and all you can think about is just hanging on until Christmas so you can enjoy a week or two off from life and work. I hear you. It’s exciting for me ...

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