Is Leveraging Really That Risky?

I’d say one of the most famous debates that comes up on this website is the one about paying all cash for a property versus leveraging a property. And by famous I mean, it gets ugly. The heart of the debate seems to center around the difference in risk in buying a property using all cash or buying a property using leveraging. Those who leverage their properties boast that ...

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Leveraging vs. Paying Cash for Rental Properties: A Look at the Infamous Debate

Oh, the famous debate. Should you pay cash for your investment properties, specifically rental properties, or should you leverage them? If you are new and don’t know what leveraging means, it means using a loan or some other form of money (basically anyone’s money other than your own) to buy property. Buying a house using a mortgage is a perfect example of leveraging. If you haven’t caught ...

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Pay All Cash or Leverage a Property? An Amateur Analysis.

This article was originally posted at in October 2012. See the original post here. I was asked my opinion on whether someone should pay all cash for an investment property so they can borrow against it, or leverage it. I definitely don’t claim to be an expert, but based on my calculations and experience, I think leverage is the way to go every time. Two main reasons: 1. Your ...

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Single-Family v. Multi-Family Homes: Which Should I Buy as a Rental Property?

Good news! They are both great investments. As long as the numbers on a property work, and as long as you are educated in terms of your buying criteria and the risk level you are taking on, both single-family homes and multi-family homes are great to add to your rental property portfolio. But if you are only trying to buy one property right now, which one should you go for? ...

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Setting Intentions

What is an intention? It’s the root of your dreams - it’s the start of something great (if you allow it to be). Intentions are wants, they are needs, they are ideas that become real when we provide them with the fuel of action and motivation. Absolutely everything we do starts with an intention. We intend to get dressed in the morning so we do; we intend to ...

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Property Managers: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Not all property managers are equal. Truer words are seldom spoken! What’s even more true is this: a good property manager can make or break your valuable investment dollars. Yikes. That’s a whole lotta control, isn’t it? If you struggle with letting go of the reigns, you’re in an even more vulnerable position. How do you know who to trust? What criteria should you use? At ...

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