The Dirty Truth About The Guru Programs

It’s a dirty one alright. Are you ready for it? They work. What?!! Yep, I said it. The guru programs work. Despite people’s skepticism, despite the negative reviews online, and despite the cost of the programs, the guru programs actually do work… …if you work them right. Why Guru Programs Don’t Work for Most People If I say they work, how come they don’t seem to ...

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Invest In A Calculator, Not A Guru

Hipster thinks real estate investment is the height of cool. Why? We approach investing as a way to connect with the things we love most - the things we really want to do. It's an amazing feeling - owning property, letting it appreciate it, and getting real cash-flow from your work. Turnkey real estate investing has legs that take you from where you to be to where you want to ...

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