Should You Buy a House for Yourself or Buy an Investment Property?

I hear this question pop up quite a bit. Someone has a nice little chunk of capital sitting around and they are trying to decide whether they should buy a house for themselves or buy an investment property (or 2, depending on where you are living and/or buying). Well? I am usually of the mindset that buying a house for yourself is absolutely not a good investment. If I buy ...

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Real Estate Investors: Stop Buying Barry Manilow Albums Today

Strong statement, we know - but what else would you come to expect from Hipster Investments by now? Ok - if you really love Barry Manilow, don't be offended. He did, after all, croon the famous song "Mandy" as well as "Copacabana". It's true - at one time, Barry Manilow's tunes were where it was at. Um...the thing is - that was a super long time ago. Manilow, and ...

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