How Do You Know Who You Can Trust?

The nice thing about this industry is you actually don’t have to trust anyone! This may be true in other industries as well, I haven’t really put much thought into it, but in real estate investing there is very little that you can’t somehow verify. At least in my opinion. We all know the gurus shouting from the rooftop about their mentoring programs, or their get rich ...

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The One Piece of Advice That Changed the Course of My Real Estate Career

It’s the holidays again — don’t they seem to keep coming around fast? I hope everyone has had a chance to connect with their family members and friends this past week, and most importantly, I hope everyone has had a chance to relax! I know I have. I’d barely be able to do any work right now if I tried — it seems that no one is available for ...

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Good News! You Don’t Have to Trust Anyone in the REI Business.

Shocking, no? You do realize there is nothing you can’t check up on with a real estate investment deal, right? It doesn’t matter who tells you something is a good deal, whether they are a saint or a crook, you can decide for yourself whether the deal is legitimate or not. Real estate investing is, unfortunately, an industry that has had a lot of scams and bad deals ...

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