When Should You Fire Your Property Manager?

As soon as you start wondering if you should! Okay maybe not always but if you are wondering at all, you should likely think about pulling the rug out. For me though, the thought of needing to fire my property manager as soon as I even wonder if I should holds true. I can reverse that thought to illustrate my point actually. In thinking of my favorite property manager, if ...

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The Not-So-Obvious Reason Your Property Management Company is Failing You

Property managers. Oh, how many of us love them? (Secret answer — not many!) Why is property management such an often-hated industry? Well, the answer is easy. Because the majority of property managers out there just aren’t very good! Property managers typically not being the cream of the crop isn’t anything new, and in fact, it is a continuous battle for many real estate investors. I would venture to ...

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