Real Estate Investment Is A Craft

With anything in life, there are a whole bunch of ways to approach something (but! - nothing one-size-fits-all). There are a lot of teachers out there in real estate development who will tell you there is one sure-fire way to get results as an investor. What they don't tell you is simple: there are a lot of approaches that will work. The thing is, and this is a big thing, ...

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Treasure. Don’t Juggle.

For this week's lifestyle design post, we're putting the focus on angles of approach. We talk about about angles of approach when it comes to real estate investing, so why not look at angles of approach for life? If you're reading this, you're probably something of an over-achiever or go-getter. You want to improve, refine, perfect. Hipster gets that - actually, we love that. Whether it's an adrenaline rush jumping ...

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Profit From Passion, Not Work

We all want to contribute to our worlds in a way that is meaningful - and we want to meaningfully spend our time (and our money). This week’s question is this: how do you finance your lifestyle? Does your cashflow come from meaningful work that enhances your lifes? Do you get enough money to do the things you love? Do you have a work/life balance that works for ...

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All Systems Are Go! The Importance of Crafting Systems for Real Estate Investment

Everything has a system. Think about how many systems go into getting a space shuttle up and off the ground! Some businesses have clearly defined systems (think: sharp looking skyscrapers that jet up into the sky) while some businesses have more of a vernacular approach (think: old farmhouses with random additions here and there). In fact, everything we do or achieve in life happens by way of a system. Some ...

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Slow Down – Take Life One Awesome Moment at a Time.

If life is a road trip, it's time to slow down. Way down. Many of us live as though life is a race to the finish line and in doing so, we lose precious moments, weeks and even years to speeding. What is speeding, exactly? It's rushing through the amazing smaller things that compose our lives in order to get to the "bigger" things. For example, if your goal is ...

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How to Fall in Love with Your Life

'Tis the season for hearts, cards, chocolates, annoying doilies (sorry if you're into doilies) and lovers checkout lanes at the grocery store. With all of the pink and red confetti in the air, it's easy to get caught up in the moment and lose your focus. Whether you have someone special in your life or not, romance and love is not just for February alone (and it's not just for ...

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Celebrate Your Investment Successes

As an investor, you're fairly used to flying solo. It's one of the perks of the job, right? You make your own hours and set your own time. If one week you'd rather be off in Colorado snowboarding down a black diamond run, as an investor - you can do it (although finding someone with a similar lifestyle to your own may be a bit more tricky). The bottom line ...

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Life’s a Mountain. Do You Ride Regular or Goofy?

The skaters and snowboarders reading this already know what regular vs. goofy means. For the rest of us, here’s a quick briefer. There are two ways to stand on a snowboard or skateboard: regular or goofy. It’s your natural preference for how you stand while riding. Most of us prefer to ride ‘regular’, a few of us naturally gravitate toward the ‘goofy’ stance. Which one are you? Do ...

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The Zen of Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment just isn’t something you can study in school. It requires skills drawn from all aspects of life: social, life-long learning, research, math, ambition, business savvy and a certain amount of inner peace. Inner peace? Yes. When you buy property, it’s a little bit different from say…buying a certificate of deposit from your savings bank. In real estate, you can more or less safely figure ...

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