A Hidden Way to Make Money with Real Estate Investing

(IMPORTANT NOTE: We want to be clear up front... As Ali discusses later in the article – collecting referral fees is often illegal unless you are a licensed real estate agent. Always check with an attorney to ensure you are complying with local laws.) Since I am always very strong with my opinions about what counts as “passive income” versus what is actually work ({cough}…flipping and wholesaling), and because I ...

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The 10 Coolest Things about Real Estate Investing

I think we all know real estate investing is awesome, right? All of us on here are in it for some reason or another. Or maybe you are newer and still trying to convince yourself to take the leap. My only warning about taking that leap is real estate investing can be very addictive! So what is it exactly about real estate investing that keeps us all hooked? Some of ...

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Gaining Financial Freedom is Easier than You Think

It’s what we all want, right? Of course, “freedom” can mean different things to different people, but I would say a general definition of financial freedom is: Not having to work for income because you have passive income that exceeds your expenses. Sounds exciting! But I think for most it sounds like a very big goal too. Great goal, and you shouldn’t change it, but I think most ...

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Investing in Rentals Locally vs. From Afar: Which is REALLY a Better Strategy?

I do so love to tackle “big debate” topics! I know this one — whether you should invest in rental properties locally to where you live or if it’s okay to invest non-locally — definitely hits a lot of hot spots on the BiggerPockets Forums, so I figure, let’s bring the wrestling match over to the blog! As you will always hear me say, regardless of the rights or wrongs ...

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Are You Really Saving Money by Being a Landlord?

Are you really saving money by being a landlord versus paying a property manager? Awhile ago I wrote an article that explained the difference between active and passive income (See: The Truth About Active Income vs. Passive Income). In it, I talked about which investing methods fall under which income category. I identified having rental properties as being in the passive income category. Guess what though… there is a hitch ...

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Wholesaling is Not Investing

You heard me. Wholesaling is, however, an excellent job that will give you amazing amounts of experience in the real estate investing field. It is a great way to make connections and network, learn the ropes of investing (especially the numbers) and make some serious cash. Why Wholesaling is Thought to Be an Investing Method Wholesaling is the only job I can think of that is 100% related to real estate ...

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The Truth About Active Income vs. Passive Income

Oh yes, there is a difference. More than you know. You may already know there is a difference and you may know generally what that difference is, but it’s likely you don’t truly grasp the implications of those differences. For the record, there is nothing wrong with either of them. But if you want to maximize your returns down the road, you do want to make sure you ...

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Don’t Believe Passive Income Is Awesome? Check Out the Diary of My Week!

A lot of articles out there are about how to be a real estate investor, but few seem to focus on why. Well wait, a lot of articles do mention why becoming a real estate investor is awesome, but they do it from the perspective (in my opinion) of looking from the beginning outward, rather than speaking directly from the results themselves. So for a fun, different kind of article, ...

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4 Spectacular Ways Passive Income Can Change How You Live Your Life

Sure, you may know what passive income is. Sure, you may think the idea of not having to work for your money sounds cool. Sure, you may know that having extra money in your pocket each month is great. But do you really understand how freakishly essential passive income is in making your life awesome? Awesome, how? Great question! Glad you asked. Before I go any further, though, I want ...

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