Lifestyle Designers, Take a Cue from Pablo Picasso…

Hey, Hipsters. Who’s ready for an art history lesson? Okay: we promise it won’t be boring. We’re going to talk about Pablo Picasso. He is probably the most famous artist of the “cubism” movement in art. What’s cubism? It’s a style of art that totally abandoned perspective. You know - perspective is what makes paintings and drawings look more like photographs than children’s art. ...

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Make Yourself a Business Priority

How much importance do you place upon meeting deadlines? Upon achieving goals? Upon investing in your business, your career, your work? Now: how much of a priority are….you? It’s easy - all too easy - to burn the candles at both ends in pursuit of your life and professional goals. Some of us want more freedom than a 9-5 provides and we leave to work for ourselves. Working ...

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