Chase the Storm

‘Tis the season for staying in and hibernating…. it’s winter, after all! It’s a time when many of us - in the colder parts of the country - catch up on television and the comforts of home. Bears do it - and we do too. The only thing is …. is there something better we could be doing with our precious time? Yes… precious. Life is short and that ...

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You Can Get It If You Really Want: Inspiration from Jimmy Cliff

Today we are drawing inspiration for lifestyle design from the legendary Jimmy Cliff....To listen to his amazingly motivation song, click here for the Youtube link!What do you really want out of your life? Life is short, right? We all know that. There's no known end - there's just now: right now. Don't delay. If there is something out there that you really want - well then, by all ...

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Ali’s New Book Just Came Out!

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