Forget Balance

Balance is something we need, right? To live a full life, we need to be balanced. We need to have all of our ducks in a row. We need to have a space for everything and everything in it’s place. We should strive for this balance. We should do whatever it takes to get there. Effective lifestyle design is all about balance? Right? No way! Balance is something that ...

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Reinventing Life/Work Balance

The 9-5 routine is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With the Internet and technology what it is today, people are working together across time zones and continents. One person’s 9-5 is another person’s happy hour. Punching into a time clock and “doing your time” seems so...outdated, and frankly: boring. Agree? When you think ‘life/work’ balance, what do you see? The first, and major, portion ...

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