Unplug Your Life

Once upon a time, we were bound by the limitations of landlines for our phone communications. If we wanted to connect, we had to dial a number and wait for a ring. Messages were sent by mail - with a friendly (or not so friendly) mail carrier delivering said message days after the message was originally written. Things had a certain ebb and flow to them. Even more prehistoric, back ...

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Challenge: Your Beliefs

What do you believe about yourself? About your future? About what you can do in one day? About how much money you make? About business? About life in general? Most of us are raised to believe there is a set of limitations. In a way, it's helpful to have limits. We need to know we can't say...walk on water...or if we jump off a building, we'll fall - ...

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My Zen Garden Punched Your Zen Garden Right In The Nose

“No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden.” ~Hugh Johnson The space in which you inhibit matters - big time.  How we live, where we live, the bodies in which we live - it’s kind of a personal thing. As they say, one man’s weed is another man’s wildflower. Food for thought, huh? Think about your own environment - and ...

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5 Life Myths To Trash Now

As you know, Hipster focuses on lifestyle design an awful lot. Why? We believe it is a way to live better: it harnesses modern technology and modern thought and makes us have some pretty fantastic experiences when your intentions on how you want to live are deliberate and considered. So.... what are your intentions for what you want out of life? Are your intentions in line with your actions? Ask ...

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Push Yourself Harder Than You Think You Can

Who do you compare yourself against? Your friends? College buddies? Siblings? Parents? Boss? Upstairs neighbor? You know what - competition is healthy to a point, but ultimately, serious competition (even if you're in the Olympics) gets you absolutely nowhere - and fast. Sure, you might run faster (at first). You might do more (at first). You might get a whole bunch of fan fare, enjoy a whole bunch of applause.... ...

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Turn Your Cubicle Into A Go-Kart Today

Does the movie “Office Space” ring way too close to home? Have you ever fantasized about beating a copy machine with a baseball bat? Are you bored? Are you over the 9-5 grind? 67 percent of millennials want to work for themselves; a large number, huh? Things are changing. One of the big reasons for this change in attitude toward how we work - and as a result, how we actually ...

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Shatter Fear

What do you regret most in life? That which you did, or that which you didn't do? It's an age-old question, and it usually has the same answer: we regret what we didn't do. We regret those times we didn't act. We regret the times we were .... afraid. Yes, afraid. There's nothing wrong with being afraid, of course: it happens to the strongest of us. It's a natural reaction to ...

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Treasure. Don’t Juggle.

For this week's lifestyle design post, we're putting the focus on angles of approach. We talk about about angles of approach when it comes to real estate investing, so why not look at angles of approach for life? If you're reading this, you're probably something of an over-achiever or go-getter. You want to improve, refine, perfect. Hipster gets that - actually, we love that. Whether it's an adrenaline rush jumping ...

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The Value Of Coaching

Today's lifestyle design post is going to take a look at one of the most important aspects of true life style design. What is it you ask? Don't look at the title! Think - what makes you keep going after your wants even when things get so hard you don't think you want them anymore? A coach does. A coach isn't just an incredibly talented athlete and strategist - although ...

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