Turnkeys Spice Up Your Investment Portfolio

Is your investment portfolio lacking in flavor? Have you been doing the same old, same old and your routine is starting to feel a bit bland? Hipster gets that.Real estate investing is half sport, half serious business, half fun - and there are as many types of investment deals to engage in as there are spices. As you probably already know, we love to add turnkeys to everything! They ...

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Profit From Passion, Not Work

We all want to contribute to our worlds in a way that is meaningful - and we want to meaningfully spend our time (and our money). This week’s question is this: how do you finance your lifestyle? Does your cashflow come from meaningful work that enhances your lifes? Do you get enough money to do the things you love? Do you have a work/life balance that works for ...

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Spring Cleaning Your Life: The Spirit of Transition

Ah, March. It's a complicated month. It's muddy. It's warm and then it's cold. Sometimes it snows. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes you're walking outside and the sun's hot rays take you by surprise after a long winter. March is a time of transition. It's neither winter nor spring. It's one of those in-between months. In life, we all have in-between months, don't we? Times when we are neither here nor ...

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Just Delegate It : How to Step Aside & Enrich Your Life

Struggle with letting go of the reigns - for even just a moment? Secretly believe you're the only one who can get the job done right? Are you driving yourself crazy in the pursuit of perfection. Whoa, there. Time to step back and take a chill pill.  Whether you're pursuing success as a real estate investor or you're an interior designer hunting down vases, it's always wise to take time ...

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Life: A Balance Beam

We're all trying to get up on that beam of life, aren't we? Some of us meet with more success than others. Some of us are Olympians, actually. Watching those skilled athletes effortlessly defy gravity is a sight to see. So - how about winning your own gold medal? Or at least a silver - interested? Yes? Good for you. The desire to strive and succeed is half the battle. ...

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Finding Inspiration

What inspires you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Coffee? Your dreams? Your dog? Your alarm clock? The thrill of making deals and making money? All of the above? At Hipster, we like to collect inspiration as much as we like to collect properties and friends. Inspiration for success is everywhere in our daily lives - from looking out the window at a beautiful tree to reflecting ...

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Slow Down – Take Life One Awesome Moment at a Time.

If life is a road trip, it's time to slow down. Way down. Many of us live as though life is a race to the finish line and in doing so, we lose precious moments, weeks and even years to speeding. What is speeding, exactly? It's rushing through the amazing smaller things that compose our lives in order to get to the "bigger" things. For example, if your goal is ...

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Networking Increases Your Net Worth

As real estate investors, we make our own hours. We work at home, coffee shops, on the beach...but: most of the time, we're not at offices connecting with coworkers and sharing ideas. Sometimes, it can feel like we live in a bubble. That's the bad news. The good news? We don't have to do it all by ourselves! By connecting with fellow investors, we can learn about every thing ...

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Press Play.

Lifestyle design is all about living the life you want to live and doing the things that make YOU happy. Maybe working for yourself is key to your lifestyle design...maybe packing lots of travel in is also crucial for you. Perhaps your idea lifestyle involves living near a Starbucks and enjoying as many delicious lattes as you can in a day. Maybe living oceanfront, or camping oceanfront, is more ...

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