Why You Must Celebrate Your Success!!!

Celebration is not a four letter word (duh)! We get it - we all work hard and we have goals to reach: we don't have time to celebrate! Well, believe it or not, celebration is a key to success. Sure, partying for the sake of partying is slacking off; however, celebrating for the right reasons is always a good idea. As you know, Hipster will be celebrating our 2nd birthday ...

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You Can Get It If You Really Want: Inspiration from Jimmy Cliff

Today we are drawing inspiration for lifestyle design from the legendary Jimmy Cliff....To listen to his amazingly motivation song, click here for the Youtube link!What do you really want out of your life? Life is short, right? We all know that. There's no known end - there's just now: right now. Don't delay. If there is something out there that you really want - well then, by all ...

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Lifestyle Design Hacks You Won’t Regret

Lifestyle design... what is it? It's deciding to not be afraid to live right now. It is deciding to live fully. It's jumping out of airplanes (with full safety gear, of course), if that's what you want to do. Quite frankly, lifestyle design is doing whatever it is that YOU want to do. It's also knowing that's possible. What, exactly, is possible? Anything. Everything. Lifestyle design: it's hearing doubts - ...

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