Lifestyle Designers: Create Quarterly Reports For Your Life

If you are new to lifestyle design, or are experienced, you are probably focused/focusing on designing the life of your dreams. What does that designed life look like? A life that is line with your values, your desires, your dreams - and upping your overall quality of life. At Hipster, we fully embrace lifestyle design: we believe not only in investing in properties but in yourself, too. When you ...

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You Can Get It If You Really Want: Inspiration from Jimmy Cliff

Today we are drawing inspiration for lifestyle design from the legendary Jimmy Cliff....To listen to his amazingly motivation song, click here for the Youtube link!What do you really want out of your life? Life is short, right? We all know that. There's no known end - there's just now: right now. Don't delay. If there is something out there that you really want - well then, by all ...

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Be Like Water: Life Wisdom From Bruce Lee

If the recession -- or depression, according to some -- taught us anything, it taught us the need for reinvention and adaptation. The economic downturn changed everything: business models, methods of communication, and job markets all became radically different quite quickly. As we start to pick up the pieces and move forward, many of us feel overwhelmed by the need to learn new skills or new ways of doing things, ...

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Following Your Dreams: What Buzzfeed Can’t Tell You

“Love what you do and do what you love. Don't listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life.”- Ray Bradbury Are you feeling stuck by the confines of your job? Do you find yourself day-dreaming about those haunting - "What if's"...What if life is as short as everyone says ...

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Fill Your Life With Fireworks

Ah, fireworks. Beautiful. Powerful. Loud. Stunning. You just have to stop and take them in when you see them, right? They're just one of those amazing things in life - like a beautiful view of the ocean, that feeling of taking off in a plane on an adventure - or the feel of your first investment property purchase. Basically, fireworks - they're a human thing. A human craving. If fireworks ...

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Lifestyle Design Hacks You Won’t Regret

Lifestyle design... what is it? It's deciding to not be afraid to live right now. It is deciding to live fully. It's jumping out of airplanes (with full safety gear, of course), if that's what you want to do. Quite frankly, lifestyle design is doing whatever it is that YOU want to do. It's also knowing that's possible. What, exactly, is possible? Anything. Everything. Lifestyle design: it's hearing doubts - ...

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5 Life Myths To Trash Now

As you know, Hipster focuses on lifestyle design an awful lot. Why? We believe it is a way to live better: it harnesses modern technology and modern thought and makes us have some pretty fantastic experiences when your intentions on how you want to live are deliberate and considered. So.... what are your intentions for what you want out of life? Are your intentions in line with your actions? Ask ...

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