Two Types of Leverage Real Estate Investors Can Use as Powerful Tools

It’d be hard to be around the real estate investing world and not have heard quite a bit about leveraging. What is leverage and in what ways can it help you as an investor? According to Investopedia, leverage is: The use of various financial instruments or borrowed capital to increase the potential return of an investment. My bet is that the way in which leverage has been most talked ...

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3 Powerful Ways to Use Leverage in Real Estate Investing

Leverage/leveraging is a strong word in real estate investing. The most common use of it is in regard to leveraging money (i.e. using “other people’s money”) to maximize returns, but I think leveraging goes beyond just dollars and is a strongly effective tool in a few different areas of REI that are worth pointing out. But first, what does leveraging really mean? If I plug “leveraging” into ...

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