Due Diligence on a Turnkey Property

Buying a turnkey investment property is a very straight-forward process, but that doesn’t mean you should let any due diligence slide. Or, if you’re like some and leery about turnkey providers, there are simple things you can do to hopefully make yourself feel better about going forward with a purchase. I have no idea how long the concept of turnkeys has been around, but I believe it is ...

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Nicaragua is Running Low on Inventory

Okay, not totally out but out for potentially a little while! I heard from the guys down at my favorite Nicaraguan beachfront development just a couple days ago and they informed me that of 42 condos in the new condo-hotel being built, only 7 are remaining. This is a big deal. Why? Because once these are gone, the next offering won’t be until the next round of building is scheduled, which ...

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Wanted: A Non- 9-to-5 Adventures Buddy

I post this one for two reasons. I really would like a weekday adventures buddy. To emphasize how friggin’ cool it is to not have a M-F 9-5 job! I was driving with a friend the other day around some of the mountains near LA and all of a sudden, it hit me! It’s almost snowboarding season! Then I got even more excited when I remembered I have a ...

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How to Calculate Numbers on a Rental Property! (video)

Running numbers on a potential rental property to buy doesn't have to be hard. Once you know the formula, you can use the same one every time so you can run the numbers very quickly. This explanation does not include rehabbing, but those numbers can be added in easily! For a detailed explanation of calculating rental property numbers (so easy you can do it on a napkin!), check out one ...

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Insane Dallas Turnkey Property Available!

This property is no longer available. Sold! This property is available now!! It is fully turnkey, meaning completely rehabbed with tenants and property management in place. The turnkey supplier has an excellent reputation (ask Jay Dao from the Testimonials!) Dallas is a really interesting market right now. It’s one of the few really popular cities that is so hot for people moving there, houses are selling above asking price (...

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Calling all Surfers! (yes, to Nicaragua)

I’ll admit, I’m not usually an investor who is focused on lifestyle investing. To be clear, “real estate investors” are typically in a deal for the money only. “Lifestyle investors” are investors who are thinking more about a second home, somewhere to retire, or some where they would want to live… while also making a return on their money in some way. Be sure not to confuse lifestyle ...

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