Learn to Love The Micro-Vacation

Tablets. Smartphones. Wi-Fi. Laptops. Flexible work-spaces. Emails. Text messaging. Good old-fashioned phone calls. Does it ever end? Today is Friday - and as we come upon another weekend, let's take a step back and think about what weekends mean. Beyond the literal meaning of the end of the week, the weekend functions as something of a bookend between weeks. What is the purpose of the bookend? Bookends hold up books; ...

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Hitting Your ROI Out of the Ball Park

Spring - and baseball - are almost here. Excited? We are! Today we are drawing inspiration from one of America's favorite past times. There's just something about the smell of peanuts, hot dogs, cold beer and a sea of people all wearing the same hat as you, isn't there? Beyond the decidedly American ambiance, this sport requires its players to be clever and make well-considered moves that deliver results. Like ...

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Life: A Balance Beam

We're all trying to get up on that beam of life, aren't we? Some of us meet with more success than others. Some of us are Olympians, actually. Watching those skilled athletes effortlessly defy gravity is a sight to see. So - how about winning your own gold medal? Or at least a silver - interested? Yes? Good for you. The desire to strive and succeed is half the battle. ...

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Finding Inspiration

What inspires you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Coffee? Your dreams? Your dog? Your alarm clock? The thrill of making deals and making money? All of the above? At Hipster, we like to collect inspiration as much as we like to collect properties and friends. Inspiration for success is everywhere in our daily lives - from looking out the window at a beautiful tree to reflecting ...

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Networking Increases Your Net Worth

As real estate investors, we make our own hours. We work at home, coffee shops, on the beach...but: most of the time, we're not at offices connecting with coworkers and sharing ideas. Sometimes, it can feel like we live in a bubble. That's the bad news. The good news? We don't have to do it all by ourselves! By connecting with fellow investors, we can learn about every thing ...

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Order Your Property Like You Order Your Coffee

As real estate investors, many of us are used to working early mornings and late nights. If you're anything like us at Hipster, you probably drink a fair amount of coffee. Ah, coffee. We each have a certain way we like it. Cream. Sugar. Soy milk. Raw sugar. Agave syrup. Hemp milk. Coconut milk. Skim milk. Foamed. Decaf. Over ice. French Press. You name it. Luckily, the world today is ...

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Life’s a Mountain. Do You Ride Regular or Goofy?

The skaters and snowboarders reading this already know what regular vs. goofy means. For the rest of us, here’s a quick briefer. There are two ways to stand on a snowboard or skateboard: regular or goofy. It’s your natural preference for how you stand while riding. Most of us prefer to ride ‘regular’, a few of us naturally gravitate toward the ‘goofy’ stance. Which one are you? Do ...

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The Zen of Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment just isn’t something you can study in school. It requires skills drawn from all aspects of life: social, life-long learning, research, math, ambition, business savvy and a certain amount of inner peace. Inner peace? Yes. When you buy property, it’s a little bit different from say…buying a certificate of deposit from your savings bank. In real estate, you can more or less safely figure ...

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3 Things to Consider Before Saying ‘I Do’ (To Your Property)!

Buying property is kind of a big deal. It’s not something most of us enter into lightly.  Investing in real estate means a time and financial commitment, regardless of your particular investment strategy. As a result, we put a lot of thought into the properties we buy. Like deciding to get married, we do a bit of soul searching before we jump in…is the property in agreement with ...

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