Two Ways to Force Appreciation with Turnkey Rental Properties

How many times have you heard that forcing appreciation is the key to being profitable with real estate investing? And how many times have you heard there’s no way to force appreciation with turnkey rental properties? Surprise! There are two ways to force appreciation with turnkey rental properties. But first, let me make sure we are all still on the same page with terminology here. I don’t want ...

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Should You Invest in Five Single-Family Units or a 5-Unit Multifamily?

I’ve heard more and more people ask lately whether they should buy a handful of single-family residences (SFRs) or one larger multifamily residence (MFR). Regardless of how many properties or units you are considering, the question remains—buy several SFRs, or one MFR? There are essentially two questions embedded in this one question, and you should evaluate the pros and cons of each in order to determine which is ...

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My Zen Garden Punched Your Zen Garden Right In The Nose

“No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden.” ~Hugh Johnson The space in which you inhibit matters - big time.  How we live, where we live, the bodies in which we live - it’s kind of a personal thing. As they say, one man’s weed is another man’s wildflower. Food for thought, huh? Think about your own environment - and ...

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A World Full of Donald Trumps? Um, No.

Well maybe you can be Donald Trump - you can be whoever you say you are (to a point), but certainly not all of us can or want to go that far. Anyway, you may find yourself asking:  what’s the point in delving into the world of real estate investing if I can't be Donald Trump (or even close to it)?  Well, first things first, k? The planet can ...

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Push Yourself Harder Than You Think You Can

Who do you compare yourself against? Your friends? College buddies? Siblings? Parents? Boss? Upstairs neighbor? You know what - competition is healthy to a point, but ultimately, serious competition (even if you're in the Olympics) gets you absolutely nowhere - and fast. Sure, you might run faster (at first). You might do more (at first). You might get a whole bunch of fan fare, enjoy a whole bunch of applause.... ...

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Shatter Fear

What do you regret most in life? That which you did, or that which you didn't do? It's an age-old question, and it usually has the same answer: we regret what we didn't do. We regret those times we didn't act. We regret the times we were .... afraid. Yes, afraid. There's nothing wrong with being afraid, of course: it happens to the strongest of us. It's a natural reaction to ...

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Real Estate Investment Is A Craft

With anything in life, there are a whole bunch of ways to approach something (but! - nothing one-size-fits-all). There are a lot of teachers out there in real estate development who will tell you there is one sure-fire way to get results as an investor. What they don't tell you is simple: there are a lot of approaches that will work. The thing is, and this is a big thing, ...

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Turnkeys Spice Up Your Investment Portfolio

Is your investment portfolio lacking in flavor? Have you been doing the same old, same old and your routine is starting to feel a bit bland? Hipster gets that.Real estate investing is half sport, half serious business, half fun - and there are as many types of investment deals to engage in as there are spices. As you probably already know, we love to add turnkeys to everything! They ...

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Profit From Passion, Not Work

We all want to contribute to our worlds in a way that is meaningful - and we want to meaningfully spend our time (and our money). This week’s question is this: how do you finance your lifestyle? Does your cashflow come from meaningful work that enhances your lifes? Do you get enough money to do the things you love? Do you have a work/life balance that works for ...

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