The Definitive Guide to Finding Investor-Friendly Lenders

Recently I wrote an article talking about finding investor-friendly real estate agents (actually, I was really questioning whether they even exist or not… see The Epic Guide to Finding an Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent). This week, I want to talk about lenders. Why? Because in the past month, I have seen a solid handful of deals tank, or nearly tank, solely because of the lender on the deal. Whether a ...

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Finding Your Comfort Level: How to Choose Investments That Won’t Shave Years Off Your Life

Have you ever really looked at some of the debates that go on among real estate investors? There’s the infamous debate about whether it’s better to buy with all cash or to leverage. There’s the debate about whether monthly cash flow or appreciation is more financially lucrative. There’s the debate about whether wholesaling is really a form of investing at all (oh wait, maybe that’s ...

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The 2 Biggest Mistakes Made in Calculating Rental Property Returns

Not only should you avoid these mistakes when you run your own numbers on a property, but you should also be on the lookout for anyone else who is making these mistakes when they try to sell you a property that is supposedly a great investment. For anyone newer out there who doesn’t understand what I mean when I say “the numbers,” I am referring to the numbers used ...

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Investing in Your Future

What does investing mean? First and foremost - it means planning for your future by making smart financial decisions now. When you put your money, or assets, into something you hope will pay off in the future - you are both expressing optimism and thinking about your lifestyle. You want the cash-flow and ease that comes along with a successful investment, right? It’s a good thing! Another definition of ...

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Risky Business!

Risky Business? Real estate investing certainly can be. It's important to be your own risk manager to ensure you don't get left holding an empty bag. With every property or deal you say yes to, you should conduct your own risk assessment to safeguard your investment dollars and your time from potential loss. 1. What is a Risk Assessment? A risk assessment protects you, and your money. You should conduct one ...

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Is Investing in Real Estate For You?

It's a question worth considering - especially if you've been on the fence. To invest or not? The answer Hipster has to offer is simple: maybe. It really depends...It depends on what kind of investor and person you are - what you want to achieve - and how comfortable you are fixing toilets (or not, to be blunt). PS - you DO NOT need to fix toilets to be ...

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