What’s Available Wednesday? Houston!

Who’s ready to travel? Today we’re flying over to Texas: Houston to be exact. As you may know, Hipster has an eye on the Lone Star State in a big way. Both Dallas and Houston are home to strong markets for investors right now. Why? Jobs, stable markets, stable tenants and growth! Houston specifically was ranked by AOL Real Estate as having the #1 healthiest real estate market in ...

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Shop Smart When You Invest

Where do you shop? Why? Do you have favorite department stores, grocery stores and online stores? What makes them your go-to markets? Great markets offer convenience, value and quality. Look at the biggest retailers on the market, for examples. Nordstrom offers top notch quality and the convenience of top notch customer service; meanwhile, Walmart offers unbeatable values coupled with the convenience of being able to purchase everything from milk to ...

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FYI, the webinar is put on by a company we personally trust and have bought our own investments through.

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