Property Managers: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Not all property managers are equal. Truer words are seldom spoken! What’s even more true is this: a good property manager can make or break your valuable investment dollars. Yikes. That’s a whole lotta control, isn’t it? If you struggle with letting go of the reigns, you’re in an even more vulnerable position. How do you know who to trust? What criteria should you use? At ...

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6 Excuses for Managing Your Own Rental Properties

I am a big fan of “to each their own” and you won’t hear me knock someone who prefers to be a landlord versus using a property manager, but for those of you convinced you need to be a landlord for whatever reason or you on the fence about it, hopefully some of these realities will help you out. 1. I’ll Save 10% a Month by Not Paying a Property ...

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