Is Buying a Rental Property with Negative Cash Flow Ever OK?

Cash flow—it’s a term real estate investors eat, sleep, and live for. Maybe it’s used in reference to bigger sums of cash flow, as in flipping, or more often it’s used in terms of the monthly cash flow that a rental property does (or doesn’t) bring in. Either way, cash needs to be flowing in for a real estate investment to be a win. The ...

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6 Ways to Keep Your Head Straight During Investment Challenges

Guess what? Real estate investing is not always going to be perfect. Not to be all cliché about it, but if it were that easy and perfect, everyone would do it. Here’s the thing though. Or, here’s some good news at least. Quite often, what investors perceive to be a crucial deal-breaking problem isn’t always that bad. Now, that’s not to say that legitimately bad disasters ...

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4 Buying Criteria for Rental Property (& How I Determine a Good Deal)

I most often get asked about my buying criteria as it relates to turnkey rental properties because that is what I have mostly bought over the years. However, the answers I give regarding turnkeys are really the same answers I would give for any rental property investment. What should you look for in a rental property? Are there guidelines? What factors should you consider? What about those pesky “rules of ...

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4 Hazardous Attitudes That Land Investors in Trouble

In pilot world (I’m a pilot), I had to become very familiar with the attitudes and mindsets that get pilots into trouble. I partially had to learn this to attempt to keep myself out of trouble, but I especially had to learn about these mindsets when I began teaching flying because I needed to be able to identify these attitudes in my students. Real estate investing is no different ...

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3 Types of Investors Who Might Benefit From Owning Turnkey Rentals

Guess what? Turnkeys aren’t for everyone. But guess what else? They are perfect for some people. There is much debate about whether or not buying a turnkey rental property is a smart investment. The primary argument that comes up against turnkeys is that they are sold more or less at market value, so you can’t force appreciation on them, and being able to do that is the crux ...

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Common Turnkey Rental Misconceptions & Solutions

I’ve been in and around turnkey rental properties for seven years now. It’s actually unbelievable when I think about it, because it seems like just yesterday I was sitting at my corporate engineering job secretly reading Rich Dad Poor Dad under my desk. I was just like everyone else who started with that book—I had no idea what I was going to get into with real estate ...

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The 5 Primary Risks of BRRRR Investing and Flipping Houses

Buy a discounted property, do the work yourself, force appreciation from the work, sell it off or refinance it, and the money’s in the bank—it’s the real estate investing dream, right? Yes! Of course it is. It’s one of the fastest ways to make some serious buck. But let’s not kid ourselves here. This isn’t easy work. Knowing what makes a property a good ...

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What Snowboarding Can Teach Us About Real Estate Investing Strategy

It’s the right time of year for it, no? Well, for most parts of the country, it is definitely winter sports time—or at least winter sports temperature. Here in Los Angeles, not so much, as I was walking the beach in shorts and flip flops earlier. But my intent is not to rub in LA’s fantastic weather but rather to apply an analogy of winter season to ...

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