Is Buying a Rental Property with Negative Cash Flow Ever OK?

Cash flow—it’s a term real estate investors eat, sleep, and live for. Maybe it’s used in reference to bigger sums of cash flow, as in flipping, or more often it’s used in terms of the monthly cash flow that a rental property does (or doesn’t) bring in. Either way, cash needs to be flowing in for a real estate investment to be a win. The ...

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Investing in Rentals Locally vs. From Afar: Which is REALLY a Better Strategy?

I do so love to tackle “big debate” topics! I know this one — whether you should invest in rental properties locally to where you live or if it’s okay to invest non-locally — definitely hits a lot of hot spots on the BiggerPockets Forums, so I figure, let’s bring the wrestling match over to the blog! As you will always hear me say, regardless of the rights or wrongs ...

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Investing for Cash Flow or Appreciation – What’s the Difference?

No doubt, the point of investing is to receive income. Why else would you invest? You want to put your money into a property or a project or a stock or a thing or whatever will earn you some cash. It’s the whole reason for investing- to turn a smaller amount of money into a larger amount of money. How does one do that? There are a few ways ...

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How to Be a Terrible Cash Flow Investor (7 Guidelines for Ultimate Failure!)

That’s right. Instructions on how to be a terrible cash flow investor are finally here. Make sure you follow all of these recommendations to ensure ultimate success! Once you have decided cash-flow investing is the way you want to go, follow these simple guidelines and you are certain to go broke in no time at all.* Are you ready? *Note: Do not follow these guidelines. Check out the rest ...

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Get a Cash Flow Makeover: Are You Earning What You’re Worth?

One thing we don’t always talk about when we talk about lifestyle design is…..drumroll, please….cash. Yup: your cash flow. How is it going for you? Are you earning what you’re worth? Is your job or business or other source of cash flow giving you enough for the lifestyle you dream about - the lifestyle you want? Are you able to live freely, breathe easily and just ...

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