Setting-IntentionsWhat is an intention? It’s the root of your dreams – it’s the start of something great (if you allow it to be). Intentions are wants, they are needs, they are ideas that become real when we provide them with the fuel of action and motivation. Absolutely everything we do starts with an intention. We intend to get dressed in the morning so we do; we intend to drink tea so we put on a pot of boiling water and wait.

Intentions are seeds. You must plant them. You must water them. You must give them light. Just as life depends upon seeds, we depend upon our intentions. It’s important to provide our intentions with fertile soil on which to grow. Remember that and keep it close. Setting intentions successfully is a multi-pronged process. When you get it right, though – and gain control of what can be a very creative process – your life can start to open like a flower blossoms.

To successfully set intentions, you must first identify your wants and needs. Eliminate societal pressure of what you should want or need. What do you really want or need? Stick to that. Next, you need to let go of your intention. When you plan to get dressed in the morning, you probably don’t sweat it. You’re not thinking things like: where are my clothes? What if I don’t do it right! It’s natural, right? Make achieving your intentions more natural. Know what you want and then move toward that purpose. Remain aware of your wants but don’t overdo it. Keep things low-key. This is a simple, and powerful, way to realize your dreams or intentions.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Setting intentions can really kick things up a notch in your life. Don’t overlook the simple but meaningful way to change your life with your thinking and actions. Go ahead and get ‘em!

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Take a cue – don’t fret so much over every single detail. Whether it’s a scuff on a garage or a vacancy, things happen. You might trip on your way to get dressed in the morning – or you might not have the flame high enough for your tea kettle. No worries: pick back up and keep moving. Don’t let fear of what might happen keep you from realizing your intentions.

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