ride-your-momentumYou know how when you’re skiing, snowboarding, or even riding a bike – you need to build up a little momentum….? You know: you can’t go from zero to sixty in a flash. It takes a little bit of time to work up to it! Just as with physical stuff, success is like that too. You need to work up to success and living your ideal lifestyle. You need to build up your momentum – then, once you’re going, you need to ride it.

Want to build up your momentum? The best way to do so is to choose a path, a routine, a way of thinking and commit yourself to these things every single day. The more you think positively, the more momentum you build. The more you lift weights, the more momentum you build. The more you learn about real estate, the more you are equipped to be a successful investor. If you want to take the advanced trail down the mountain, you’ve got to get yourself up to the launching point, right?!

Once you’ve built up some momentum, it’s time to ride it. Just because you’re going fast doesn’t mean you always will. You still need to commit to the path, routine and way of thinking that initially helped you to build your momentum. Don’t abandon the things that got you where you are just because you’re finally going! Keep at it. The most successful people have habits that help them to keep growing their success.

Life isn’t easy for anyone. Success doesn’t come overnight. It’s a series of small steps, small changes and behaviors that are the sum of our successes (or lack of). Don’t give up. Don’t not start because it seems too big. Enjoy learning as you build up your momentum: learn about yourself, about your dreams, about your shortcomings (and ways to overcome them).

Key Takeaway for Everyone:
Momentum is a beautiful thing. It’s something we all wish we could have as fast as we can snap our fingers together. Unfortunately, we can’t just change overnight. Remember to keep going forward. Every step you take toward your future builds your momentum. Eventually, you’ll be going pretty darn fast.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:
Let’s face it: you can’t flip your way to riches in a month. Especially if you’re not a pro-contractor, legal mastermind and mortgage expert. It’s just not going to happen. A better way? Start small. Invest in turnkey real estate. Start getting some cash flow going – and then invest in more. Build your real estate momentum one cash-flow property at a time!

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