The Downside to Turnkey Rental Properties No One Tells You

If you’ve followed me at all on here, you know that I primarily deal with turnkey rental properties for my own investments. The reason I deal mostly with the turnkeys is because I prefer being as hands-off as possible with my investments. The “out of sight, out of mind” theory doesn’t intrigue me for many things in my life, but it does for my investments. I prefer to ...

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Happy Birthday To Hipster (Almost!)….

Guess what, folks? August is a very special month for Hipster. Why? It’s our birthday month - and since it’s the big 2!!! - we are planning some very special celebrations to mark this awesome benchmark for us! Some people say age is just a number... we get that - but at Hipster, we are super excited for our upcoming birthday! SO: how, exactly, does Hipster plan to party ...

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The 10 Coolest Things about Real Estate Investing

I think we all know real estate investing is awesome, right? All of us on here are in it for some reason or another. Or maybe you are newer and still trying to convince yourself to take the leap. My only warning about taking that leap is real estate investing can be very addictive! So what is it exactly about real estate investing that keeps us all hooked? Some of ...

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Rental Property Benefits: A Dummies’ Guide

There are a million articles floating around on the internet and probably even in some books that talk about the benefits of owning rental properties. You’ve probably read them and even heard everything I’m about to tell you already, but sometimes it’s good to bring it up a notch, leave out major details, and really hammer in the big picture. You’ve inevitably heard that owning rental ...

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Analysis of a Triple Net (NNN) Deal: Is This KFC Building a Good Investment?

Do you ever think something sounds like a great investment deal? Is it possible it’s really not? Aside from more complicated factors like market fundamentals or rent sustainability, is it ever possible the numbers themselves can trick you? Yes! I’ve recently been exploring commercial investment deals. For anyone who knows me, you know I’m not usually into commercial. But I’ve been consulting with someone to find ...

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Why Turnkey Rentals Might Just Be an Ideal Investment for Real Estate Newbies

There are a lot of you new investors out there, and there is a lot of talk and hype about turnkey rental properties. But should you be considering turnkey rental properties if you are an REI newbie? I think so. It’s no secret that I am a fan of turnkey rental properties myself, as the large majority of my properties were bought turnkey, but I do still strongly believe ...

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