Uh Hello, Don’t Forget to Calculate the Profit on an Investment!

Shut up, I’m not even kidding. Do you know how many people approach me and ask me what I think of a particular deal? Mind you, I’m a very open-minded person. Even if a deal isn’t one I would necessarily pursue personally, either for interest or niche reasons, I’m always open and eager to hear about deals other people find. I’m especially excited if a ...

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The Top 5 FAQs About Turnkey Rental Properties — Answered!

It seems that turnkey rental properties have gotten more and more popular over the last few years. It makes sense — they open up the door (great pun!) for people who wouldn’t have gotten involved in real estate investing otherwise. Turnkeys allow people who don’t necessarily have skill or interest in finding motivated sellers, rehabbing, and managing tenants to still own a profitable rental property. How? Someone else does ...

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25 Items You May Be Able to Write Off for Rental Properties

Note: I am not a licensed accountant. You should consult a professional licensed accountant for all of your tax and investment matters. This article should be used for nothing more than an idea of the kinds of things you can write off on your rental property investments. It is not in any way meant to be an instructional manual for your taxes. It’s tax season! Nothing is more exciting ...

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Surviving the Hell We Call Property Management

To invest out-of-state or to not invest out-of-state? That is the question. You mean I might have to trust someone else to take care of my property? Have you lost your mind? Yes, I have lost my mind. Welcome to the idea of professional property management. Property managers don’t have good reputations (and rightfully so in most cases). I get it. I actually don’t argue the reputation because ...

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Calling all Surfers! (yes, to Nicaragua)

I’ll admit, I’m not usually an investor who is focused on lifestyle investing. To be clear, “real estate investors” are typically in a deal for the money only. “Lifestyle investors” are investors who are thinking more about a second home, somewhere to retire, or some where they would want to live… while also making a return on their money in some way. Be sure not to confuse lifestyle ...

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If You Don’t Possess Some Level of THIS Trait, You May Not Survive in Real Estate

I’ve been watching people, myself included, invest in real estate for some number of years now. My experience has been working with investors who own rental properties, some with property managers in place and some without, and dealing with contractors when it comes to rehabbing a house. In watching all of these situations, I’ve come to realize that there is one absolutely non-negotiable trait that every investor must ...

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Cap Rate and Cash-on-Cash Return: A Definitive Guide

There are several means of determining the return on an investment property. You may hear the term “ROI” (or “ROR”), which means “Return on Investment” (or “Rate of Return”), which can be calculated in all sorts of ways. Unfortunately, a lot of people will determine this number based on whatever factors will yield the highest number, regardless of how accurate to real-life it might be. ROI is very general and ...

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Non-Negotiable Knowledge You Should Have BEFORE Buying Rental Properties

I’ve heard a few people say, “I want to buy and own rental properties. What background knowledge or experience do I need to have in order to do that?” Well, there is good news for you. The amount of background knowledge or experience you need to have to get into rental properties can be tailored to exactly how much you want to bother getting. There are ways to buy ...

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Real Estate Investors: Stop Buying Barry Manilow Albums Today

Strong statement, we know - but what else would you come to expect from Hipster Investments by now? Ok - if you really love Barry Manilow, don't be offended. He did, after all, croon the famous song "Mandy" as well as "Copacabana". It's true - at one time, Barry Manilow's tunes were where it was at. Um...the thing is - that was a super long time ago. Manilow, and ...

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