The Turnkey Investor’s Guide to Choosing a Profitable Real Estate Market

Shopping for turnkey rental properties? Trying to figure out where to buy one? Where do you even start? Well, the best place to start is with networking. Find out where other people are buying, find out who is having luck in which market and with which turnkey provider, and shop from there. But how do you know how to sift through all the information? Or better yet, how do you ...

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Rental Property Benefits: A Dummies’ Guide

There are a million articles floating around on the internet and probably even in some books that talk about the benefits of owning rental properties. You’ve probably read them and even heard everything I’m about to tell you already, but sometimes it’s good to bring it up a notch, leave out major details, and really hammer in the big picture. You’ve inevitably heard that owning rental ...

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The Definitive Guide to Finding Investor-Friendly Lenders

Recently I wrote an article talking about finding investor-friendly real estate agents (actually, I was really questioning whether they even exist or not… see The Epic Guide to Finding an Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent). This week, I want to talk about lenders. Why? Because in the past month, I have seen a solid handful of deals tank, or nearly tank, solely because of the lender on the deal. Whether a ...

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One Secret Advantage to Turnkey Real Estate You Don’t Know About

Turnkey? What in the world is that? It’s a method of buying an investment property. Most people who buy turnkeys buy them because they live in an area where it doesn’t make sense to invest, so they have to be long-distance owners. Or, they have full-time jobs and/or families and are limited on how much time they can spend on an investment property. Turnkey means (usually) that ...

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5 Factors to Investigate BEFORE You Buy That Property You Found on Zillow

You want an investment property. You’re certain you’ve learned what you need to in order to buy a successfully profitable property. So you go shopping. Hello, Zillow. (Or Trulia if you’re super hip to the game.) Party time! Ooooh, so many properties to choose from. Wherever do you start? Bets would say that you jump on Zillow and check out what is there. Or Trulia, or whatever. ...

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