I’m Going to Nicaragua in June (meet me there!)

It's that time! I've been craving churrasco with chimichurri like no other, so good thing the guys down on the Nicaraguan development I love called to say they are throwing an investor discovery weekend tour in later June! June 19th-23rd to be exact. These trips are a BLAST. I've been on several to meet various investors and I've never had a bad time. These trips are not like those ...

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Rent to Section 8 or No?

This question comes up a lot – and a year or less ago if you had asked me if I wanted Section 8 tenants I would have adamantly said “no way”. Since then, however, I’ve learned a lot more about the pros and cons to Section 8 and now I am much more willing to consider it. Plus, I’ve realized there are some times when it may even be the better ...

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Invest in a Real Estate Fund rather than in Properties

Requirement: You have to be an accredited investor to invest in a real estate fund. Wonder what an accredited investor is? Reasons to consider investing in a real estate fund: Allows you to be diversified across a number of properties rather than placing all your capital into one project, which diversifies the riskOffers the financial benefits and returns of owning real estate without the direct responsibility of owning and operating ...

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Wholesaling is Not Investing

You heard me. Wholesaling is, however, an excellent job that will give you amazing amounts of experience in the real estate investing field. It is a great way to make connections and network, learn the ropes of investing (especially the numbers) and make some serious cash. Why Wholesaling is Thought to Be an Investing Method Wholesaling is the only job I can think of that is 100% related to real estate ...

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Leveraging vs. Paying Cash for Rental Properties: A Look at the Infamous Debate

Oh, the famous debate. Should you pay cash for your investment properties, specifically rental properties, or should you leverage them? If you are new and don’t know what leveraging means, it means using a loan or some other form of money (basically anyone’s money other than your own) to buy property. Buying a house using a mortgage is a perfect example of leveraging. If you haven’t caught ...

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5 Points to Seriously Consider Before Jumping Into That House Hack

“House hacking” may be a newer term, but it describes a concept that has been widely popular in real estate investing for decades. Instead of buying a single-family home to live in, you buy a multi-unit home and live in one unit and rent out the rest. Why do this? It’s easy. You can collect income on a property where otherwise money would only be flowing out. In a ...

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Do the Markups on Turnkey Properties Kill the Deal?

Absolutely not! Are you crazy? Ok, wait, that was a little rash. It’s kind of hard to yell about something without at least offering a justification for the statement. So I’m going to offer you an analysis on turnkey prices so you can understand what is really behind the prices of these properties. The two biggest objections I hear to buying turnkey rental properties are: The margin between ...

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How to Choose an Out-of-State Market for Investment (in 3 Easy Steps!)

You’ve decided, for whatever reason, that you want to invest outside of your local area or state. Your next question is—where should I invest? I’m going to offer you a list of things that you can consider when trying to figure out what market to invest in. These things are in no particular order, and some of them may not apply to you or your particular situation. ...

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Real Estate Investment Is A Craft

With anything in life, there are a whole bunch of ways to approach something (but! - nothing one-size-fits-all). There are a lot of teachers out there in real estate development who will tell you there is one sure-fire way to get results as an investor. What they don't tell you is simple: there are a lot of approaches that will work. The thing is, and this is a big thing, ...

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