The Funnier Side of Real Estate Investing

The real estate industry doesn't come packed with jokes and funny stories (ok - maybe some very, very funny ones here and there) - but mostly articles about investing are - let's face it - kind of, sort of boring. This article is the opposite of boring! It's packed with fun ideas, jokes and tales from the ups and downs real estate industry professionals have faced over the years of ...

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Real Estate Investing Clubs: Worth the Time?

Depends. What do you want out to get out of them? I definitely see pros and cons to the Real Estate Investing Clubs that seem to be everywhere these days. For anyone wanting to join these or thinking about joining, especially if you are newer to real estate investing and trying to figure out how to get started, I want to point out some things to think about in attempt ...

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Merry Thanksgiving, Happy Christmas, and Real Estate

It’s that famous holiday time! Most of you are probably still feeling stuffed of turkey and mac & cheese (although probably fewer people than in past years due to the ever-increasing numbers of vegetarians and vegans) and all you can think about is just hanging on until Christmas so you can enjoy a week or two off from life and work. I hear you. It’s exciting for me ...

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The Turnkey Investor’s Guide to Choosing a Profitable Real Estate Market

Shopping for turnkey rental properties? Trying to figure out where to buy one? Where do you even start? Well, the best place to start is with networking. Find out where other people are buying, find out who is having luck in which market and with which turnkey provider, and shop from there. But how do you know how to sift through all the information? Or better yet, how do you ...

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Investing in Rentals Locally vs. From Afar: Which is REALLY a Better Strategy?

I do so love to tackle “big debate” topics! I know this one — whether you should invest in rental properties locally to where you live or if it’s okay to invest non-locally — definitely hits a lot of hot spots on the BiggerPockets Forums, so I figure, let’s bring the wrestling match over to the blog! As you will always hear me say, regardless of the rights or wrongs ...

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All Systems Are Go! The Importance of Crafting Systems for Real Estate Investment

Everything has a system. Think about how many systems go into getting a space shuttle up and off the ground! Some businesses have clearly defined systems (think: sharp looking skyscrapers that jet up into the sky) while some businesses have more of a vernacular approach (think: old farmhouses with random additions here and there). In fact, everything we do or achieve in life happens by way of a system. Some ...

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How to Buy Real Estate with Your Credit Card

That’s right. I said it. Use your credit card. I’m sure most of you have heard the explanation of bad debt versus good debt. Bad debt is when you finance purchases like flat screen TVs, cars, vacations, or…look out, I’m about to say it… your own home. Good debt is when you finance purchases that will give you a return. Education is a big one. Another ...

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Finding Inspiration

What inspires you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Coffee? Your dreams? Your dog? Your alarm clock? The thrill of making deals and making money? All of the above? At Hipster, we like to collect inspiration as much as we like to collect properties and friends. Inspiration for success is everywhere in our daily lives - from looking out the window at a beautiful tree to reflecting ...

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Snowboarding is JUST Like Real Estate Investing: Here’s How

Real estate investing is just like snowboarding. Wait, don’t stop reading if you don’t snowboard; you’ll still be able to follow along, I promise. I love this time of year because my anticipations about getting back into snowboarding are getting stronger by the day (although obviously not strong enough because I haven’t driven out to the perfectly snowy slopes yet). As I was pondering my upcoming ...

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