philadelphia real estate investing Yup – we’re back to eating cheese steaks again this week – but boy, do they taste good. If you’re a longtime blog reader, you know we’ve fallen in love – with the city of brotherly love (otherwise known as Philadelphia). Why are we so gaga for this real estate investment market? Well, it’s on the upswing – but it’s not totally there yet (which means your property appreciates – something any investor can appreciate…). Beyond that, there are some real values to be found if you enjoy a deep discount (and let’s be honest – who doesn’t….!?

Philadelphia is chock full of stable renters who want the properties our favorite supplier here is offering. Check out the details and be sure to reach out for more info about this particular awesome pad or similar ones. Today’s featured find is an oldie but goodie; your contact information is right at the bottom.


Location: Philadelphia,PA

Built In: 1925 (fully renovated and rented!)

Purchase price: $65,00 (not a foreclosure, normal sale)

Property info: 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1,325 square feet, 2 Car Garage


Monthly rent collected: $900


Monthly expenses

Property taxes: $71

Insurance: $60

Home Owners Association: $0

Property management fees: $90

Monthly expenses (conservatively estimated)

Vacancy (7%): $63

Repairs (5%): $45

Total Monthly Expenses- $329 (yes, low – we obviously like this)

Net Income = Income – Expenses = $571 ! Wooot: imagine what you could do with this cash-flow each month… comment below if you’re so inspired!

Advanced Numbers

Cap Rate =10.54%

Cash-on-cash return =

Depends on your leveraging

Special Terms:

  • 1 Year Rental Guarantee: Property manager will pay you the full gross monthly rent in the event that any of your tenants default during your first year of ownership
  • 1 Year Maintenance Guarantee: Property manager will cover all labor and materials for any maintenance required during your first year of ownership
  • 15-Year Roof Warranty: All properties come with a 15-year roof warranty

If you are interested in this amazing property – or seeing others like it, just contact Ali at – we’ll get right back to you!

  • Ivory

    Hey Ali,
    I’m a fellow native of the great state of California, residing in Antelope Valley and I just so happen to run across some of your input on Like you, I am a real estate investor (part time) and am very curious as to some of the things you are doing. For example, I read that you invest overseas in Nicaragua… Why so? I’m sure you have the numbers totally worked out but how did you even come up with an area like such to invest in?
    I’d really like to pick your brain as I truly enjoy talking real estate!

    • Ali

      Hey Ivory! Sure, anytime. Nicaragua was very random and unexpected. It was an opportunity that popped up in a real estate investing magazine and it sounded exciting & rebellious enough for me to be interested in so I checked into it, loved it, loved the country, and I was sold! I don’t do anything down there anymore currently, but it’s still an amazing country!

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