IMG_1488Everyone knows I’m a huge advocate of investing (and going to) Nicaragua. There are no wars going on there anymore, the people are as nice as people can be, the beaches are luxurious paradise, some of the best surfing in the world is happening there… but wait, people don’t necessarily trust it. Why? Because it’s a scary thought! Outside of the US? Buying property? Surrounding yourself with a language barrier? Eek, scary for sure.

Aside from doing my own property visits (and in this case country visits) and researching on my own, I really do put a lot of trust in what other people are saying about places or opportunities when it comes to investing. Or, well not even just investing but just in general. I think Nicaragua is one of those things where if you are wary about trying  it out, read up on it. And of course I don’t mean just read any old article some Joe Blow puts out, I mean look for legit stuff.

It doesn’t get more legit than the Wall Street Journal, who happppppened to just put this article out. So not only is it the Wall Street Journal, but it’s talking about retirees. Retirees aren’t some rebel group out looking for an adventure, they are typically settled, calm people who are far from looking for some rowdy adventure. So if retirees are flocking to Nicaragua, and even the Wall Street Journal says they are, isn’t that a little reason to trust that maybe it really does rock down there? Check it out-

Retired in Nicaragua, and Loving It

Since I was going to be putting that article in here, I thought I should find another cool complimenting one to make your time reading all this even more worth it. I went to International Living’s site because I know they have published some awesome Nicaragua articles and they are huge advocates of the country. I was going to pick an article to showcase here, however when I got to the list of Nicaragua articles I was so overwhelmed with how many they have now, I couldn’t pick just one! Seriously, look at how many articles they have published just even in the last couple months about Nicaragua? Tell me there isn’t something to be said for this country! This link takes you to their site, and to the general Nicaragua page with information about the country, and if you scroll down you will see all the options for articles you can read:

International Living Loves Nicaragua

Somebody tell me this country doesn’t rock! Keep an eye out for this week’s What’s Available Wednesday as it is going to feature a Nicaragua property! So way more fun than turnkey rentals.


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