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To show you an example of the properties we work with I've included a recent property from Chicago, along with details and figures below:

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Purchase Price: $180,000 (not a foreclosure, normal sale)
Built In: 1968 (fully renovated)
Property Info: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,825 square feet, 1.5 stories, basement, 2 car parking

Monthly Rent Collected: $2,200

Monthly Expenses (Conservatively Estimated)
Property Taxes: $376
Insurance: $83
Property Management Fees: $176
Vacancy (7%): $254
Repairs (5%): $110

Total Monthly Expenses: $899

Net Income (Income – Expenses) = $1,301

$1,301 of cash in your pocket every month! That's if you pay cash. If you finance, which many people do, just use a mortgage calculator to determine the monthly mortgage payment (using 20% down) and subtract that from your expenses to see your new cash flow.

We have tons of properties like these available with a wide range of purchase prices, usually $70,000-150,000 ballpark.

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And Melissa will let you in.

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