turnkey-real-estateTime for a new mantra?

As the seasons change, it’s an ideal time for  you to look at your own life. What needs to change? Sometimes, change really is as simple as a few new words to live by. Today we’re looking at the idea behind the popular saying, “be here now.” What does it mean? What does it mean for you? Three simple words: three heavy words. If you use them right, you may find they help change your life.

Time for Change

If you already have a mantra, you’ve probably found it helps ground you and keep you focused on the big picture and what’s truly important for you. Sometimes when we are going after lofty goals and the big picture (or big screen TV’s) we lose sight of the smaller, moment-to-moment components of our lives. When there’s too much planning and working toward your future,you don’t
do enough living in the right now….
Striking a healthy balance is absolutely essential for sustained success.

Time for Now

Be mindful of your time – as the saying goes: there’s no time like the present. Enjoy the fruits of your labor today – treat yourself to something that you love or want every single day. Love your life and don’t get so caught up in the what if’s and the future that you spend your life, and all of its moments, thinking about tomorrow. Remember to breathe. Remember to feel the grass or sand you stand upon. Ground yourself.

Time for Success

You probably don’t recognize your many successes as much as you should. We’re all guilty of downplaying who we are and what we’ve accomplished. Sure, you may want to be a billionaire tycoon in ten years – but who are you right now? Are you worth celebrating? You absolutely are. Remind yourself of all of the steps you’ve taken to be in the present moment and feel good about how far you’ve come. Allow yourself to enjoy your success today.

Key Takeaway for Everyone:

It’s easy to get swept up in dreams and ambition. Remind yourself that when you lose touch with the present moment you aren’t creating a happy past to remember and think back upon. Make now – make today – happy. Make tomorrow joyful. Remember to breathe.

Key Takeaway for Real Estate Investors:

When you’re building your real estate empire, you have a lot of balls in the court. It’s tempting to get so focused on all of those balls that you miss a pass: don’t. Ease up on yourself and your life. Relax. Enjoy the amazing benefits that go hand-in-hand with being an investor – and take a time-out for you.

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