Nicaragua is Running Low on Inventory

Okay, not totally out but out for potentially a little while! I heard from the guys down at my favorite Nicaraguan beachfront development just a couple days ago and they informed me that of 42 condos in the new condo-hotel being built, only 7 are remaining. This is a big deal. Why? Because once these are gone, the next offering won’t be until the next round of building is scheduled, which ...

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Calling all Surfers! (yes, to Nicaragua)

I’ll admit, I’m not usually an investor who is focused on lifestyle investing. To be clear, “real estate investors” are typically in a deal for the money only. “Lifestyle investors” are investors who are thinking more about a second home, somewhere to retire, or some where they would want to live… while also making a return on their money in some way. Be sure not to confuse lifestyle ...

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Back from Nicaragua

I’m back from Nica! And truthfully, can barely keep my eyes open. My flight last night got delayed into the wee hours and between that, a long travel day, and almost two weeks of Nica fun, I am falling over. But not enough to not be able to put out a recap blog. Seriously, if you have never been to Nicaragua, it’s a must. It is such a ...

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I’m Going to Nicaragua in June (meet me there!)

It's that time! I've been craving churrasco with chimichurri like no other, so good thing the guys down on the Nicaraguan development I love called to say they are throwing an investor discovery weekend tour in later June! June 19th-23rd to be exact. These trips are a BLAST. I've been on several to meet various investors and I've never had a bad time. These trips are not like those ...

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More Details on the Nicaraguan Development!

Hey everyone, so a lot of you have been asking for details on the development I work with down in Nicaragua. Instead of emailing everyone separately, I've decided to throw the basic info into a blog. I won't be able to give out the name on here because the developers have to know who you are before you show up, but if you like what you hear here (here, here!), ...

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Nicaragua in the News!

If you've seen my website and my posts, you probably know I'm a huge advocate of investing in Nicaragua. I've bought there myself, and even since then I have connected with another amazing development that investors are eating up. I go to the country at least four times a year, I love it every time, and every time I go I think again about moving there. It may still happen! ...

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Thanks for your interest in the webinar!

FYI, the webinar is put on by a company we personally trust and have bought our own investments through.

Ali’s New Book Just Came Out!

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