Get Mentored by Ali

For the first time ever, Ali is publicly offering mentoring! Here’s some information on it. She’s only accepting a few people at a time, so if you’re interested, let us know sooner rather than later! What she can help with: General real estate investing coaching--helping with your mindset, figuring out your plans/path, clarifying goals, etc. Like creating your business plan for investing.Accountability partner!Anything turnkey ...

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5 Creative Ideas to Come Up with Your Next Down Payment on a Rental Property

For most real estate investors, cash for down payments proves the greatest choke point. Your ability to build your rental portfolio and passive income is constrained by your bank balance.  Because unlike homeowner mortgages, which can require as little as 3% down, rental property loans typically only cover 70-80% of the purchase price. That leaves investors on the hook for the other 20-30% as a down payment. So how can ...

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October 2020 Markets Update

Wow, what a crazy year! Anyone ready for it to be done yet? (we are!) With all of the craziness going on, what’s going on in both the real estate market and with turnkeys? We want to try to help shed some light and update you as to everything we know about it. General Market Update Despite the unknowns of everything COVID and 2020, and a looming recession, real estate ...

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Invest in a Real Estate Fund rather than in Properties

Requirement: You have to be an accredited investor to invest in a real estate fund. Wonder what an accredited investor is? Reasons to consider investing in a real estate fund: Allows you to be diversified across a number of properties rather than placing all your capital into one project, which diversifies the riskOffers the financial benefits and returns of owning real estate without the direct responsibility of owning and operating ...

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What is the BRRRR+Turnkey Model? A Brief Explanation.

You’ve probably started hearing or seeing this “BRRRR+turnkey” model of buying turnkeys. Maybe you’ve seen it as the BRRRRkey model. Either way, what the heck does it mean?? Let’s start by explaining the BRRRR and turnkey models of investing individually. BRRRR: It is a terribly annoying acronym that stands for Buy – Rehab (or Renovate) – Rent – Refinance – Repeat. This is a very traditional method of investing and ...

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BRRRR+Turnkey Baltimore Fly-N-Buy Update

Have you heard of the BRRRR+turnkey model? This is an opportunity to combine the BRRRR investing strategy with turnkeys and get the best of both worlds! Check out this video from our developer who is offering these properties to hear a little more about what this is all about — So, to clarify: you have the ability with these properties to force ...

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6 Ways to Get Creative With Financing Turnkey Rental Properties (From an Actual Turnkey Investor!)

Drew Pitchford, from our Turnkey Rental Properties Facebook group, recently shared about the massive success he’s found in creatively financing his turnkey rental property purchases. It was so inspiring, we asked him if he would let us share his wisdom with the Hipsters! Straight from Drew’s mouth, some creative financing tips for funding turnkey rental property purchases: Many people never get started in real estate investing due to 1 ...

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What are Turnkey Rental Properties and Should You Be Buying Them?

What is this magic phrase we keep using—turnkey rental properties? Turnkey (also spelled “turn key” and “turn-key”) technically refers to the condition of a property. The idea behind the phrase is that all you need to do is turn the key in the door and you’re making money on day one. This means that the property is already rehabbed, has tenants in and paying rent, and therefore you ...

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Turnkey Rental Properties Facebook Group!

Have you joined the ONLY group for turnkey rental property investors, and anyone curious about turnkey rental properties? And guess what! Ali has started running Facebook Live every Monday where she answers all your questions about turnkey rental properties, real estate investing and more. Every Monday, Ali does a FB Live where you can hop on, ask her any questions you’d like, and learn about all things turnkey! The ...

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