What is Your Dream Birthday Party?

The cat is now out of the bag: Hipster is coming up on our big 2nd birthday. Birthdays are a ritual: they are a time to reflect upon the past year of successes and to really celebrate both our accomplishments and the beginning of a new, amazing year. Birthdays also mark a momentous occasion in your life or your company's: its actual birth. It's important to take stock of what ...

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Drinking from a Fire Hose.

I've always known what the phrase "drink from a fire hose" means (a lot of information coming at you at once and you have to take it all in at the same time), but until I left the corporate world and started my own company, I didn't truly know what that felt like. Yes, I've been under the gun and had to learn a lot at once flying airplanes, or ...

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Lessons for a Starting Entrepreneur.

Those who succeed find a way to step over the obstacles they hit rather than use them as an excuse. It’s not until you are broke when you will really make money. The path to success on your own is an emotional and mental test. Most don’t win it. You have to. Time is money. For real. Some things make you more money than others. Do those things ...

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