Thanks for listening to me on the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless podcast!

Hi guys! Thanks again for listening to me on Joe’s podcast. I hope you enjoy the free eBook! I wanted to add a quick note here to reinforce something I said on the podcast. In the podcast I mentioned a BRRRR+turnkey operator who ended up not performing correctly for the clients. I want to clarify that all clients were paid out on their deals, and that it wasn’t a complete loss. 

Despite the provider losing his marbles, we were able to push him to ensure everyone was still taken care of. So we were fortunate in that regard, but it is a reminder to really know who you are working with on these types of deals. And there’s always standard turnkey deals still too! 

And on that note… enjoy the eBook!

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What's Covered In This eBook?

  • What is a Turnkey Rental Property?
  • Why Turnkeys?
  • Who Sells Turnkeys?
  • Where Will You Find Turnkeys?
  • How Much Do Turnkeys Cost?
  • How Do You Decide Which Market to Buy In?
  • The Actual Buying Process (broken down into steps!)
  • Owning a Turnkey Rental Property

Also included: a special blurb from the Author about why passive income is so important and how investing in real estate can change your life!

Buying turnkey real estate is really one of the most straight-forward methods of buying real estate investments. But as mentioned, there is a way to do it correctly and smartly, and the topics cover the information you need to know in order to buy successfully. Even though the process is simple, if you haven’t done it before it can still be confusing since you don’t know what to look for. Don’t worry, now you are covered… via the information in this eBook!

About The Author

Ali Boone began real estate investing in 2011 while working her corporate job as an Aerospace Engineer. Her purchases started with overseas buying in Nicaragua followed by turnkey rental property purchases in Atlanta. 

Ali always had a knack for engineering the easiest, most simple ways of becoming an investor due to her driving desire to truly have passive income and not have to work for her money. Her main focus has been turnkey rental properties, not just in Atlanta but in several other markets as well.

Her primary focus now is helping others to learn more about the turnkey method of buying rental properties, supporting investors through the buying process, and encouraging true lifestyle design via passive income (which is where turnkeys come in handy!).